MiSET RFC Standards is supported by ISAC leaders and founders of the MiFlowCyt, and is a Marylou-Ingram Scholar-led initiative to integrate quality-defining parameters of a biomedical flow cytometry experiment into the manuscript, grant submission and publication guidelines across biomedical fields that rely on the use of flow-cytometry based techniques. Over a three-year period, MiSET RFC Standards will assemble a universally applicable, evidence-based tool that helps to quickly and confidently assess the overall quality of flow cytometry data. MiSET RFC Standards will be based on survey-derived data, expert evaluation and peer-review, and user acceptance testing. As a result, we envision MiSET RFC Standards to become an essential resource for all parties of the scientific community to produce and publish reproducible data.

A review article presenting the MiSET RFC Standards Iniative has been published in Cytometry Part A.